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Visiting Myrtle Beach With Kids: What to Pack for Early Spring Trips

Spring is a wonderful time to be at the beach. The weather is mild—not yet too hot or humid, but the chill of winter is starting to wear off. Nearly all of your favorite attractions are open for business, but without the summer crowds. And of course you can also get budget-friendly rates on your Myrtle Beach hotel.  

If you’re headed to Myrtle Beach with your family late winter or early spring, read on for tips on what to pack for the shoulder seasons.

  • Lightweight and mid-weight pants. You’re most likely to encounter temperatures in the 60s in late February and early March, though there’s always a good chance of lucking into one of those bright and sunny days where you get a preview of summer. Mid-weight pants are great for morning outings, while a lightweight pair of pants or jeans will suit most kids for the daytime.
  • Light jackets and sweaters, and plenty of layers. Layers are the easiest way to assure that you’ve got your kid ready for whatever the day brings, weather-wise.
  • A small backpack. If your child is comfortable with a small backpack on, you can use it to carry any layers they end up taking off—which may help avoid leaving sweaters and bags behind at the Myrtle Beach restaurants and attractions you visit on your trip.
  • Sunscreen. Even though it may be cooler out, and you won’t likely be spending a lot of time exposed to the elements on the beach, if you’re coming south to Myrtle Beach, it’s a good idea to put sunscreen on exposed skin. You’d be surprised what kind of damage the sun can do, even on overcast days.
  • Bathing suits. Bay View Resort’s indoor pools are fully enclosed in the winter, and the doors are opened on nice days to let fresh salt air in—so no matter what the weather’s like outside, your kids can still enjoy a swim.
  • Good walking shoes and flip flops. You’re likely to cover some ground as your family explores all the fun at the beach, so be sure you have good solid walking shoes packed for each child. And bring flip flops too, in case the weather is nice enough for some barefoot time at the beach.

(posted 12/23/13)

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