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Bay View Resort located on Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. See what the guests of the Bay View Resort are saying about the New Myrtle Beach Boardwalk.

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Guest "This is my fourth time here and overtime we have a good time, but this is really special and we are very excited about this boardwalk.  I think it is wonderful and to be able to get out here and walk anytime you want to and fantastic and I haven't enjoyed it like I want to yet.  When I look from the balcony down it is just beautiful and such a great improvement and is something that will benefit everyone that stays here.  The access to the beach is wonderful and the landscaping is such an improvement."

Guest 2 - "The Boardwalk is great and very convenient for your family and friends to come down here.  There is not any trash anywhere around here and it is just great and real convenient and secluded."

Guest 3 - "We like that it is right off the beach and we get a nice view of the ocean walking along the boardwalk at night and look at the beach without getting sandy.'

Guest 4 - "I like the rooms, they are very spacious, pools are nice and a great place to stay with the family.  The Boardwalk doesn't kill you feet, and I don't wear shoes very often so it is nice.  Very pleasing to the eyes, definitely eye candy."


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