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Bay View Resort Video Center

The Palace Theatre

Be amazed by the Illusions of Magic show at the Palace Theatre, one of many new and exciting rotating performances that are constantly on stage.

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“Welcome to the Palace Theatre, right here at Broadway at the Beach in the center of Myrtle Beach. My name’s Jay Lodge, and I’m the general manager here at the Palace. We’ve got a great new attraction for you this year, a brand new production direct from Las Vegas called Illusions of Magic. We’d love you to come down and see the show, and experience the Palace Theatre for yourselves.

“We’ve got huge illusions live on the stage. We’ve got disappearing motorcycles, a full-size Nascar sports car just appears out of nowhere on the stage. We’ve got two gorgeous, Bengal, royal, 300 pound tigers that just appear out of nowhere right in front of your very eyes.

“We’re delighted to announce for this year we’ve brought in Mr. Ben Black with his bow and arrow act from America’s Got Talent. Ben was a finalist on the 2012 season. He does crazy stuff with his act. This guy blindfolds himself, and fires an arrow onto another arrow, another arrow, another arrow, another arrow, and ends up with the last arrow going through an apple on his head. The guy is crazy; you’ve got to come and see this.

“We’ve also added the Tora Blanco Roller-Skating act from Las Vegas. These guys do some crazy stuff for four minutes on a five-foot wide podium. They continuously spin around at crazy speeds doing crazy lifts and crazy, crazy things with each other.

“We urge you to get to the Palace Theatre early. Tickets are selling out fast, but we’ve got plenty to do in our lobby – the gift shop area, there’s concessions you can eat and drink before the show. Come and generally experience the magic at the Palace and Illusions of Magic.”


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