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Legends Theatre - Whitney Houston

Take a behind the scenes peek at Whitney Houston Legends star Jazmine and how she started singing for Legends in Concert in Myrtle Beach, SC.

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Jazmine Katrina 

"I play Whitney Houston in the Legends in Concert Show and I have been doing this for 11 years out of the 22 years that I have been singing.  I started singing back when I was in my 20's, so now you know how old I am.  

I kind of accidentally got into the business when my ex-husband whom I didn't tell I could sing, accidentally heard me singing in the car.  He was driving and you know how you sing when the radio was on and I was singing along with it and he didn't realize that I was doing that.  He was like that was you, oh yeah, we need to talk.

Well, I got started with Legends in Concert after I did a show called Your Big Break, many years ago, the host at the time was Alfonso Robero and while I was doing the show I ran into a couple of people that worked with Legends in Concert and they kind of told me about the show, so when I finished filming that show i sent in my demo reel from the show to Legends to see if they would be interested in hiring me as a Whitney and they did.

One of my favorite things about performing in front of the crowds is seeing the transformation of from when they first at least when I first hit the stage to when I am done they are really enjoying it and appreciating what I do.

Come on out and join me for the holiday show here at Legends in Concert in Myrtle Beach, you will be enjoying many classics of the artists and also their signature tunes.


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