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Bay View On The Boardwalk

Bay View on the Boardwalk provides a gorgeous view of the Myrtle Beach area, with the SkyWheel to the north and the Pier at 2nd Avenue to the south. Guests of Bay View on the Boardwalk benefit from indoor water amenities, life-size games of chess and checkers, Starbucks onsite, shuffleboard overlooking Ocean Boulevard, an outdoor pool and spa, and elegant details within the rooms and condos including private balconies. 

Discover The Fun at Bay View
BV Amenity 14
Experience A Water Adventure Like No Other!

Water Adventures

BV Amenity 8
Elevate your escape with unforgettable resort extras.

Bay View Resort Extras

BV Amenity 5
Stroll, savor, and soak in the joyous vibes on the boardwalk.

Oceanfront Boardwalk

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Brewing smiles, one cup at a time.

Onsite Starbucks

Brittain Rewards Waterpark
Free Attraction Tickets with Every Stay!

Brittain Rewards

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Resort Accommodations

All accommodations at Bay View Resort are designed with you in mind. Our accommodations are elegantly decorated to recall the comforts of home while offering the luxury of variety in different styles, sizes, and layouts.

Choose from any or our 1, 2, 3, or 4 bedroom condos to fit any need for your beachside getaway.

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