4 Advantages to Booking Early for a 2022 Myrtle Beach Getaway

Ready to make the drive to Myrtle Beach? We don’t blame you! Beach dreams are often born in the winter.

Or maybe you’re driving to the airport to get here … either way, one tip: Plan early for it!

There are advantages to getting ahead of the game for your escape to Myrtle Beach. It’s never too early to start daydreaming about it. While you’re at it, might as well get things squared away.

Why vacation in Myrtle Beach?

It has a little of everything for everyone, that’s why. Looking for a serene weekend? Hit downtown Conway and state parks for peace and quiet. Looking for adventure? Take a boat cruise or ride a rollercoaster. How about a family excursion? There is plenty to do inside and outside to make incredible memories with your kids, too.

4 Reasons to Book Your Myrtle Beach Trip Early

1. It’ll help you plan

The sooner you know when you’re coming, the better you can plan your trip. This gives you time to check out amenities and things around your resort you’d want to experience. Head to dinner and drinks at Wicked Tuna. Planning early can give you time to get the car serviced before your trip. And don’t forget to make arrangements for someone to water your plants and feed your pets.

PRO TIP: Pick something cool to do (such as dinner at King Kong Sushi) at the end of your trip to go out with a bang. Also, block out downtime or even a full day for which you’ll improvise.

2. You could find deals

Airlines and resorts often offer discounts and upgrades when you book ahead. That could mean fun money for activities such as an extra round at Myrtlewood Golf Club. Also, when you fly, you could get free advanced seat selection by booking early. Check with your preferred air carrier. It all adds up to extra funds for Grand Strand fun. (Maybe go-karts at The Track?)

PRO TIP: Choose your dates carefully. Lots of people come to Myrtle Beach in the summer, so if you’d like a slower pace, consider early spring or late fall.

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3. There might be freebies

Airlines and hotels appreciate the planner traveler and will offer bonuses. Having extra time from planning early will give you a chance to peruse sites for these offers. Subscribe to newsletters for airlines, restaurants, attractions, and more. By becoming a subscriber, you can often get in on rewards before you even head to the Grand Strand.

PRO TIP: Enjoy yourself! Don’t get too caught up in keeping a strict schedule just because you’ve had time to plan. Sometimes the best parts of a vacation are the things you didn’t plan for.

4. You have something to look forward to

You’ve made your reservations and booked your flight. You’ve picked a winery (Coastal Vino Wine Shop and Tasting Bar?) and bought tickets to an escape room (Myrtle Beach Room Escape?) What’s next? Enjoy the wait! You did your homework and set yourself for a wonderful time. Circle the date on the calendar and count down the days until you’re having fun in the sun again.

PRO TIP: Consider travel insurance, especially for your flight. In the world’s current state, things could change in a hurry. Insurance helps safeguard you from losing money if you have to change plans.

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You’ll Have a Great Time at Bay View Resort

There are many reasons Bay View Resort is so many travelers’ go-to for Myrtle Beach! Come to Myrtle Beach for a special date on your calendar, or just make it special when you get here. Discover fun things to do around Bay View Resort and book your stay today.

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