4 Ways To Fly in Myrtle Beach

Ready to fly?


You can do that in Myrtle Beach. There’s plenty of opportunities for the thrill-seeker in you here. From helicopter rides to amusement-park attractions, the sky is literally the limit.


Here are places to get your feet off the ground in profound ways.

1. Fly Around the Racetrack

The adrenaline rush you get behind the wheel of a go-kart is the real deal! It’s a thrill to take on the field and try to take the checkered flag, testing your reflexes and skills. It’s tough to get out of the seat once you’ve had a few laps to zip around.


Where to race go-karts in Myrtle Beach:

  • Broadway Grand Prix: Choose from several tracks, or take a shot at the rock climbing wall to fly in another way. 
  • The Track: This place even has a track for little dudes and dudettes to race around on.
Broadway Grand Prix

2. Slingshotting

You’ve seen someone in the slingshot and thought, “that looks insane!” It is! You’re secured in a capsule with another person, then catapulted into the sky at speeds as much as 100 miles per hour. You’ll feel weightless at the top, a couple of hundred feet above the ground before you plunge back to earth.


Where to slingshot in Myrtle Beach:

  • Free Fall Thrill Park: The ride and the staff are great, and you won’t be disappointed! You can buy videos of your faces during this thrill ride to relive it over and over. 

3. Helicopter Rides

Take off with an experienced pilot to see the Grand Strand as you never have. Most rides take a small group for a short ride over the ocean. Look for all the landmarks and beautiful scenery you’ve seen from ground level. It’s an awesome experience.

Where to take a helicopter ride in Myrtle Beach:

  • Helicopter Adventures: You’ll find amazing pilots and a load of fun riding with this company. They’re convenient to Broadway at the Beach.
  • Oceanfront Helicopters: These guys will go above and beyond for a memorable experience. Twenty dollars will get you aboard.
Helicopter Tour

4. A Trip on the SkyWheel

There are a handful of these gondola Ferris wheels in the U.S., and Myrtle Beach is lucky enough to have one. Ride in luxury in enclosed gondolas to see both the ocean and the city skyline in a dramatic new way.


Where to ride SkyWheel in Myrtle Beach:

  • SkyWheel Myrtle Beach: You’re in for beautiful views, especially for a night ride. See photos and videos online, and book your ride.
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