5 ‘Must Haves’ to Pack for Your Bay View Myrtle Beach Vacation

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While vacations are always exciting, deciding what to pack can be a challenge. To help you prepare for your stay at Bay View on the Boardwalk, we offer these five “must-haves” that are sure to help you enjoy the bright Myrtle Beach sun, gorgeous Atlantic Ocean and warm, sandy beaches to the fullest.

Swimsuits: All the playtime at the pools and beach can add up to some awesome adventures and lifelong family memories! A typical day at Bay View might involve hitting the pool early in the morning and swimming until lunch, then throwing on another swimsuit to plunge into the ocean in the afternoon — making it quickly apparent that you cannot have enough swimwear. You may discover that you’ve overpacked everyday clothes when all you need are swimsuits — and plenty of them. Perhaps an extra pair of flip-flops, as the perfect accessory, may be good to bring along as well.

Sunscreen: The sun is bright and rises early on the Grand Strand coast. It’s important to remember sun protection. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen so you can enjoy as much time playing on the beach and in the waves as your heart desires. Whether it be a spray, a lotion or those great colored sunscreen sticks to protect your cheeks and nose, look for a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Don’t let a sunburn knock you out of the fun and cause you to watch from the balcony. And for extra protection from the sun’s rays, wear your favorite baseball cap, visor or floppy hat, too!

Beach Toys: If arm space limits the number of toys and games you can carry to the beach, fill up a wagon with all your favorites and pull it to your base camp for the day. Split into teams for some volleyball or ladder ball. Dive into the surf to catch an overthrown football. Smooth out the sand in front of your towels to create a clean palette for the perfect sandcastle. You get the picture — a good selection of toys and games can enhance everyone’s day on the beach, children and adults alike.

Cooler: So much summer fun can leave you thirsty. And who wants to leave the beach or pools to grab a drink? Simply packing a cooler can help you keep drinks and snacks within easy reach all day without having to leave your spot in the sand or by the pool.

Beach Chairs: Throwing a towel down is always an option, but to really find comfort on the beach, a beach chair is a big plus. Park yourself in a prime spot and make it yours for the day. Ease back into your chair and sink your toes into the sand. Tie your T-shirt to the back of your chair so it won’t fly away, and put your flip-flops under it so they won’t be hot when you slide them on later. What a way to spend a day!

We hope these suggestions will prove helpful as you pack for your stay at Bay View on the Boardwalk, Myrtle Beach. The last thing you want to encounter on your vacation is a case of the “I wish we would have brought.”