5 Ways to Make Your Birthday Extra Special in Myrtle Beach

As far as a site for your birthday — can you beat Myrtle Beach?

It’s your special day, so spend it in a special way. Turning the page on another year seems like a great thing to do in your favorite vacation spot. Make this the year you light your candles on the Grand Strand.

We’ve got a few ideas for you.

Tips for Planning a Birthday Getaway

Keep a positive outlook for your birthday, even if you’re opposed to the growing number of candles. Here’s some advice.

Pay for your trip with credit card points

If your cards have a cash-back or points system, use them to plan your trip. Some might even have discounts for travel and dining.

Find an awesome resort

For a solo trip, family getaway, or friends’ excursion, go in style. A place like Bay View Resort is a perfect spot. Have shared space, easy access to fun, and incredible amenities for the experience.

Celebrate YOU

If you’ve struggled to justify such a getaway, give yourself the gift of grace this year. You’ve earned it! Life is busy and hectic these days. A celebratory escape is just what the doctor ordered.

Cupcakes with blue icing with blue, yellow, and pink candles lit

Could you make it to the Grand Strand for your birthday?

Take a minute and imagine where else you’d like to be. Yeah, we came up with the same thing: Nowhere else but Myrtle Beach! So, let’s get to it.

1. Treat yourself to a bodacious burger

A healthy appreciation for a burger is normal. So is the deep desire for fries.

WHERE TO GO: River City Cafe (404 21st Avenue North)

WHY? It’s down by the beach, and that’s something. There’s outdoor seating and a bar, and the food is delicious. Many consider this joint to serve the best burgers on the Grand Strand.


Peanut Butter Bacon Burger. Haven’t you always wondered what bacon and peanut butter could do together? Seems like a birthday thing to try.

2. Grab a gift at a beachwear store

Flashy is the new black. Hit a surf shop for beach gaudy gauche.

WHERE TO GO: Pacific Beach Wear (2803 North Kings Highway)

WHY? It’s tough to beat the prices here. It’s a good spot to pick up souvenirs for friends and family whose birthday it isn’t, but don’t forget you, too. Many travelers make it a point to visit on every trip to Myrtle Beach.


Grab a cute sundress or cool Hawaiian shirt. Your last Myrtle Beach ballcap might be showing signs of wear, too. Time to upgrade.

3. Find a festival to crash

Defeat any birthday doldrums by attending a big party.

WHERE TO GO: Craftsmen’s Classic, Myrtle Beach Convention Center

WHY? It’s an opportunity to see craftsmen’s talents. Hundreds of the finest artists from all over the nation will be in attendance. The cool thing is you get to shop the unique items they make.


Check out any of the other fun, cool things to do around your birthday on the Grand Strand. You can find a calendar of events on the Bay View Resort site.

4. Dance the night away

That urge to boogie? Don’t deny it. The birthday person has a right.

WHERE TO GO: 3001 Nightlife (920 Lake Arrowhead Road)

WHY? Because it’s fantastic! Friendly staff, awesome music, and different rooms with various music, all in one place. There’s something for everyone. It’s your birthday — if you want to go room to room, go on ahead with it.


Bring your crew for a guys’ or girls’ night, birthday or not. Even if your birthday or trip falls in the offseason, you’ll still have a live crowd at 3001.

concert audience

5. Enjoy some music outside

What beach trip would be complete without some tunes outdoors?

WHERE TO GO: Music on Main, downtown Myrtle Beach

WHY? It’s free! It’s fun for family and friends, especially after a fun day on the beach. Myrtle Beach has lots of restaurants to drop in for a bite or drink. Hit the shops, too, and don’t forget your beach chair.


Drop by Main Street Taphouse for a birthday toast. You know, a Dirty Myrtle IPA, and a Chicken Quesadilla or Cheesesteak Flatbread Pizza.

Bay View King bed

You’ll Love Your Birthday Stay at Bay View Resort

And it won’t surprise anyone if you want to stay again for your next birthday! You’re in for a great time, so close to the boardwalk, beach, and Starbucks. Bay View is the type of resort you could spend a whole day in or close to, and have a blast. Picture yourself in one of their spacious guest rooms. Then, choose your dates and book your stay today.

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