7 Myrtle Beach Dive Bars to Check Out

Myrtle Beach is pretty — but sometimes, you’re looking for gritty.

The Grand Strand has that, too. There are some infamous dive bars around that locals love and visitors fall in love with. You know the type, where the atmosphere is hot and the beer is ice cold.

Here are a few to try out next time you’re on the strip.

The Bowery

Any dive-bar conversation MUST begin with this storied country and southern rock club. The action is pure fire in a room where you can enjoy live music and play pool, too. This is the joint where legendary country group Alabama got its start! You’ll love Kenny’s Killer Nachos, The Big Daddy Burger, and Spitter’s Chicken Wings to go with your cold brew.

Bumstead’s Pub

Straggle into this English pub for tons of beer choices and loads of sandwiches. After one trip, you’ll be set on coming back, to a stellar staff, top-notch service, and awesome grub. We love the Fried Pickles, Lynn Swann Dipper sandwich, and Chicken Fritters.

Drifters Saloon

Mosey into Drifters for great service (a common theme among dive bars) and pretty good Philly subs. It’s a small joint that serves up big-time grub, with some memorable drinks, too. It’s a great place to chill with your squad, especially if you’re Cleveland Browns fans.

Beer being poured from tap

Knuckle Heads Bar & Grill

It’s a bar you can take your family to, with seafood, pub grub, and live music. You might consider the food the best you’ve ever tasted, and you’re in for an awesome experience. Among the memorable eats: Quahogs, the Seafood Platter, and Loaded Calamari.

The Rat Hole

You’ll have a great time, especially during bike week, in this cool setup. This joint hosts bike games not only for those here for the event but also for whoever stops by. It’s 15 acres of grass fields, hot food, and cold beer just outside the Myrtle Beach city limits.

The Tavrne

As any dive bar should, The Tavrne offers tough-to-beat specials (Taco Thursday works for us.) This short menu is stout, and every bit with a home-cooked feel. You’ll find a friendly staff you’ll get to know by name.

beer poured into glass at bar

Suck Bang Blow

You get 40,000 square feet of a biker playground, complete with beer, bands, and a burnout pit for barbecue. The hamburgers are awesome in THE place to be in Myrtle Beach for a good time. You have to try the Chicken & Cheese Quesadilla, SBB Cheeseburger, and Shrimp Po Boy.

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