Another Round? 5 Spots to Have a Drink on the Boardwalk

Whether you’re in for a Shirley Temple or a scotch and soda, the Boardwalk is a great place to stop.


There’s a good bit of fun to find on the Boardwalk anyway. But when you’re relaxing on vacation, a drink with good company is just the thing. Especially on a winter getaway.


Here are five favorites — pick one or hit them all.

Fun Facts About the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

It’s the No. 1 spot on many folks’ lists on the Grand Strand. Here are some tidbits that you might not know about this beachy icon.

  1. Near the top

We could have predicted this. Travel and Leisure magazine ranked the boardwalk number two in the nation.

  1. The old one was … old

It’s a pity Hurricane Hazel didn’t have mercy on it in 1954. It had stood since the 30s until the storm destroyed it. A replacement went up in 2010.

  1. It’s a mile plus

If you follow the Boardwalk from one end to the other, you’ll walk 1.2 miles. That’s between piers at 14th and 2nd avenues.

People relaxing in Myrtle Beach

Ranking the Top 5 Spots for a Drink on the Boardwalk

No judgment if your favorite isn’t on the list. There are many spots on the Boardwalk to grab a drink. These are favorites.

8th Ave Tiki Bar

Choose the spot that feels tropical — even off-season. Any dish you get comes in generous portions, too.


DRINK OF CHOICE: Beach Blanket Bingo. Stolichnaya Vodka, peach schnapps, melon liqueur, topped with cranberry and orange juice.


AN APP TO SHARE: Fried Pickles. Breaded and fried to perfection. Comes with a side of ranch.


PRO TIP: Stop by for lunch with a view. Ask for outside seating if it’s a nice day. You’ll likely find yourself visiting more than once.

LandShark Bar & Grill

Choose this popular national chain for a cold one. Burgers and chips here are sublime, too. Ask a server for drink recommendations.


DRINK OF CHOICE: 5 O’Clock Somewhere. Margaritaville Silver Rum and Paradise Passion Fruit Tequila, Cruzan® Hurricane Proof Rum, orange and pineapple juices with a house sweet & sour, and a splash of grenadine. Served on the rocks.


AN APP TO SHARE: Bacon & Cheese Loaded Fries. French fries piled high, topped with bacon and shredded cheese. Served with ranch dipping sauce.


PRO TIP: Don’t hesitate to bring the kids. They’ll be taken care of, too. Ask for a table with a view. This place is in the perfect spot.

Sharkey's Oceanfront Restaurant

Enjoy the simplicity of an oceanfront bar and a good drink. The menu is great and reasonably priced, with fast and efficient service.


DRINK OF CHOICE: Hula Hooch Bucket. A yours-to-keep 32-ounce souvenir bucket filled with cruzan coconut, cruzan pineapple, and cruzan banana. Served on the rocks with tropical juice and a floater of cruzan 9 spiced rum.


AN APP TO SHARE: Pot Stickers. Chinese dumplings filled with Teriyaki chicken. They’re pan-fried on one side and steamed on the other. Served with Teriyaki-based sauce.


PRO TIP: Try also the Firecracker Shrimp and seafood platter. There’s something about fresh seafood by the sea.

The Bowery

You’ll get history, shenanigans, and good times. It’s the original stomping grounds for country music legendary group Alabama. 


DRINK OF CHOICE: American Lemonade. Deep Eddy lemon vodka, sour mix, triple sec, and sprite.


AN APP TO SHARE: Parker’s Pickled Pepper Rings. Pickled Peppers aren’t just the subject of folklore. At The Bowery, they’re a delicious appetizer.


PRO TIP: Order a round — drinks at The Bowery aren’t tough on the wallet. There are some fantastic musical acts coming through here. Catch one.

Moe Moon's

We imagine it’s torture to go to the Boardwalk and NOT wind up at Moe Moon’s. It’ll become your favorite place to eat here, too.


DRINK OF CHOICE: Heatwave Fish Bowl Tito’s, fireball, lemon–lime soda, peach schnapps, and sour mix.


AN APP TO SHARE: Chips & Dip. Tortilla chips served with pineapple salsa or nacho cheese dip. Or sub Moe’s famous spicy cheese dip.


PRO TIP: You can go all healthy at Moe’s with a side salad and mixed vegetables. Or go the other way and order fries. They’re awesome, too.

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