Beach Games for Fun in the Myrtle Beach Sun

Sunset of Beach

The Grand Strand offers a 60-mile stretch of beautiful seashore and white-sand beaches, which provides the perfect playground for visitors to participate in fun and games during their Myrtle Beach vacation.

Bay View Resort is right in the middle of all the action and offers plenty of room for guests to compete in beach games. Here are 10 of our favorite games to play on nature’s sandbox and waterpark:

Beach volleyball

The indoor version of this sport is a lot more fun when it moves to the beach, giving players lots of sand to bump, set and spike, as well as a nearby ocean for cooling off. There are some beach volleyball nets set up along the coast, but the best places to play are in the city-owned courts on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk.


Usually played on grass or dirt courts, this Italian-born sport takes on a new twist on the beach. Players take turns rolling their balls at the pallino (a smaller target ball) and score points by being closest. That can be more challenging on the beach, particularly at low tide, where slopes, seashells, tidal pools and even the sea breeze can conspire to make players miss the mark.


This crowd-pleasing game is best compared to jumbo beer pong, except with big buckets instead of cups and no required drinking. One- or two-person teams stand 30 feet apart behind six buckets arranged in a triangular pattern and filled halfway with water or sand. Teams takes turn throwing tennis balls into their opponents’ buckets, trying to fill them all to get the win.


This popular tailgate sport is also a hit on the beach, especially at local pool decks and beach bars. Players toss bean bags into the hole of sloped boards to score points. Beach-goers should check out the easier-to-carry beach version called TidalBall – a cross between bocce and cornhole where you dig two holes in the sand and roll balls instead of tossing bags.


Surf fishing can be a relaxing sport – until you hook a big one, and then it’s on. All you need is a fishing license (SCDNR offers discounted weekly permits), surf rod and gear, live bait and a stretch of beach away from swimmers. Visit one of the local fishing piers (Myrtle Beach State Park and Second Avenue Pier are close Bay View Resort o find all your needs in one spot and get closer to the action.


This toy has come a long way since college kids started throwing pie tins to kill time between classes. Not only is it a great way to relax on the beach with a friendly game of catch, but all sorts of disc sports have evolved from Frisbee, like disc football, Can Jam (similar to connecting on an alley-oop in hoops), and Flick ‘N’ Sticks (trying to knock a plastic cup off tall sticks planted in the sand).

Ladder Ball

This beach classic requires some assembly to construct the two three-tiered ladders, but the fun is worth the effort. One- or two-person teams take turns tossing bolas (two balls connected by a string), attempting to wrap the rope around a rung on the ladder to score points.

Myrtle Ball

Mix Myrtle Beach’s favorite pastimes – the beach and golf – and you get this locally invented game that can be picked up at area beachwear stores. Myrtle Ball players bury shallow cups at sand level and try to roll balls into the holes. The color-coded balls and cups hold various scoring combinations.

Spike Ball

If you see people huddled around in a circle and running around the beach like crazy, odds are they’re playing Spike Ball. Also known as Slammo, Spike Ball sees players bounce a ball off a miniature trampoline in a circular version of handball.


This popular watersport requires a little practice to master, but those who put in the time can’t seem to get enough of it. Experienced surfers just need a board and some waves, but novices can take lessons or attend local camps like Jack’s Surf Lessons to learn how to hang 10 in a hurry. Also try boogie boarding or body surfing to get a feel for the ocean before bouncing up on a surfboard.

If you still have the energy after a fun beach workout, it’s a great way to cap a day of fun and games at the beach.