Experience a True Taste of Myrtle Beach at New South Brewing

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Tucked away in an industrial park near downtown Myrtle Beach, New South Brewing offers tours of the facility and tastings at the adjoining bar. Located only a short drive, bike ride or hike from Bay View on the Boardwalk, New South Brewing is a local business success story – and a microbrewery that began before the microbrew popularity boom.

New South Brewing started in 1998 in another warehouse not far away from its current Campbell Street location. The small operation provided fresh kegs to local bars and restaurants, and it quickly gained a reputation for providing quality brews. Dedicated to offering a fresh, unique and expertly brewed product, the New South brand became synonymous with Myrtle Beach.

As demand continued to increase, New South made the move to a larger facility capable of producing more barrels of brew to satisfy an ever-growing market and fan base. While the product quality has played a major role in New South’s success, much of the credit also goes to the changing state laws governing breweries and bars. The first law change allowed New South to open up its facility to tours so visitors could get a firsthand look at where their handcrafted beers come from, as well as meet the folks who brew it.

More recent law changes allow New South to serve and sell their products on site, which has led to the creation of a bar and outdoor patio where guests can enjoy a few cold ones and pick up a few six-packs or growlers to go. Featuring a nice mix of locals and visitors, happy hour at New South is a great place to hang out and make friends over a couple brews.

Tours are available each Wednesday at 3 p.m., taking visitors through the brewing process from start to finish. Watch the expert staff stir their wort (that’s beer-nerd talk for the malt infusion that’s fermented to make beer) with a kayak paddle (that’s not beer nerd talk – they really use a kayak paddle) and perform various task to create the next batches of brew.

The tour includes a look into New South’s “high-tech” canning process (they can each beer by hand) before it is shipped out to grocery stores and bars throughout the region. Tour-takers must be at least 21 years of age, as there are several samples provided as part of the fun and educational visit. The $7 tour includes the samples and a special New South pint glass.

After the tour, be sure to visit the New South bar area, which is open Tuesday through Friday from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturday from noon to 4 p.m. Belly up to the bar and watch the brewmasters working their magic through the large, plate-glass window into the brewery while you taste some of New South’s many recipes fresh from the tap and straight from the source.

New South offers seven regular beers plus a steady stream of special and seasonal brews. The Lager is the most popular and is closest to the major American beers, although the freshness adds to the hoppy flavor. The Stout, White Ale, Dark Star Porter, IPA, Nut Brown Ale and Oktoberfest are available on tap, but there’s always something new available on draft, too. Visitors can pick up souvenirs to remember their trip and a few six-packs or growlers to enjoy when they get back to their room at Bay View on the Boardwalk.