Five Beach Toys That’ll Keep Your Kids Entertained in Myrtle Beach

A clean ocean breeze. A little sunshine. Warm sand on your feet. What more do you need?


While all you may need to be happy at the beach is a chair and an umbrella, there’s a good chance your kids will do better—and last longer without getting overly antsy or bored—at the beach if you bring some toys along. Of course, not all beach toys are made equal.


So check out this list of the best beach toys that will keep your kids entertained, and keep you at the beach as long as you’d like!

1. Throwing Disc

Whether you opt for a classic Frisbee, a soft and safer option such as a Pocket Disc, or a giant flying hoop, throwing discs are classic beach toys that kids and parents can enjoy together. Just make sure the kiddos are playing safe and avoiding crowds while they toss.

2. Sandcastle Kit

The minimum requirement is a small shovel and some sort of receptacle for making castle towers—we’ve seen people make amazing castles with nothing more than a big kitchen spoon and some paper cups! But a good sandcastle kit with a rake, a couple of shovels, and buckets of varying sizes is always a good beach investment.

3. Skim Board

Body boards are fun for kids who are up for riding out in the surf, trying to catch a wave on their belly on knees, but skim boards are also a lot of fun for kids who aren’t yet ready for catching the big waves. They’re ridden close to shore—you may have seen riders run at an angle toward a wave, then drop the board and run onto the board and hydroplane across the shallow water.

4. Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball is a great beach game for families with older kids—the balls come in bright colors, and each player tries to toss their ball closest to the target. Playing on the beach provides extra challenge as there may be obstacles, and soft sand can partially bury targets.

5. Kite

Flying a kite is a classic beach past-time! From a simple diamond kite to a complicated multi-line flier, there are plenty of choices for entertaining the family with a kite at the beach.

This list of five beach toys that will keep your kids entertained is just the beginning of the fun you and your family can have at the beach—the options are endless. So plan well for your next Myrtle Beach vacation at Bay View Resort, and maximize the good times on the sand.

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