Five Tips for Traveling With Kids to Myrtle Beach

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You’ve barely gotten on the road or in the air before your little ones start to echo the familiar refrain — “Are we there yet?” — usually repeated countless times until you finally reach Myrtle Beach. And even after your arrival, the kids can easily shift into “I’m bored” mode and disappear behind their cell phones and video games while you try to keep them entertained.

It can be a frustrating exercise. But there are a few simple things you can do to make traveling with children easier for both you and them. To keep them happy when the fun isn’t flowing, follow these five helpful tips:

Airplane/Car Games: A makeshift game of “I Spy With My Little Eye” and “20 Questions” can get old in a hurry for savvy kids, so you may have to step up your game for a long road trip or flight. Before your departure, come up with a “Road Trip Scavenger Hunt” — a list of items they must spot and mark off their checklist during the trip. The targets can be specific types of cars, billboards, farm animals and out-of-state license plates — anything to keep their minds occupied. For added incentive, offer a prize like a chance to choose their favorite activity or attraction once you arrive in Myrtle Beach.

Beach Toys: It’s amazing how much mileage you can get out of a plastic Frisbee or a Nerf football. Something about spending time on the beach brings out the competitive side in kids and even grown-ups, so bringing the right toy or game can be the key to killing boredom. Great-on-the-beach toys like cornhole, bocce, ladder ball and even a locally invented game called Myrtle Ball are perfect for some friendly competition, and something as simple as a kite, soccer ball, or plastic shovel and bucket can make a kid’s day at the beach.

Cellphone/Video Games: Many parents are drawing a line in the sand when it comes to kids and their cellphones. Seeing the world through an LED screen can lead to missing out on the real world around you — which is especially upsetting during a beach vacation. Take away the phones and handheld video games upon your arrival and either set a limit on the times they can be used or ban them altogether. The kids may hold the move against you for a little while, but eventually their brains will tune in to reality and discover the beauty of both human interaction and Myrtle Beach.

Kids Club: Need a little help getting your kids into the vacation spirit? The Bay View Kids Club offers a long list of activities for children during their stay at the resort. Supervised by our Kids Club staff, Bay View offers group fun and games to give them a chance to mix and mingle with other guests their age and give parents a chance to enjoy some downtime. Pool and beach games, arts and crafts projects, ice cream and pizza parties, and other activities and events are scheduled throughout the week — and most are free of charge.

Sunscreen: If you can only bring one item with you for the little ones, make it a quality sunscreen to keep them protected from the sun. This act is not only good for their skin and health, it also helps them avoid getting a bad burn on the first day and having to spend the rest of the trip indoors. A sunscreen with an SPF of 60 or higher is recommended, and reapplying throughout the day is important, particularly after prolonged dips in the pool or ocean.

Of course, staying and playing at Bay View Resort is the first step to keeping the kids happy. With its indoor and outdoor water facilities and on-site amenities and activities designed for children, our convenient downtown oceanfront resort is only a short stroll to the beach, the Boardwalk and all the fun attractions in the downtown district. For a memorable family vacation, be our guests at Bay View.