Helpful Tips for Traveling With a Baby or Toddler

Little Girl in Stripped Outfit

For new parents, its seems every activity — no matter how familiar or routine it was before the new addition came along — involves a learning curve when the little one is in tow. And the same goes for even the most experienced traveler when vacationing with a baby — every new journey as a parent provides a whole new set of challenges and rewards.

But you’re definitely not alone. All veteran parents have been there before, and most have developed ways to make the vacation enjoyable for both the youngest first-time travelers and the veteran trek-masters in the vacation crew. If you’re headed to the Carolina coast for your inaugural visit as a parent anytime soon, consider these nine helpful hacks for traveling with infants, separated into “before the trip” and “during the trip” categories:

Prepare ahead

  • Visit your baby’s pediatrician before you go. Have the doctor perform a checkup on your little one, as infants are more susceptible to germs and illnesses than their grown counterparts. Further, and especially if you’re traveling abroad, make sure that your baby is up to date on all of his or her vaccinations.
  • Overpack the diaper bag. It’s always better to have more supplies than required than not enough, especially when unexpected travel delays could strike at any time. So load up on the diapers, wipes, bottles, food, formula, etc. Bonus pro tip: keep an extra set of clothes handy for both you and the baby, as you never know when a spit-up incident might create a need for an outfit change.
  • Don’t pack all of your baby’s stuff into a single bag. In case of a luggage delay or loss, you don’t want to be completely without all of the baby necessities — so spread them out between your bags. Further, should you find yourself at your destination without some of your baby’s belongings, take comfort in knowing that most baby necessities can be purchased in most any location — and the family-friendly Grand Strand is certainly no exception.
  • Plan a special delivery. Especially if you’ll be on vacation for an extended period, consider placing an advance order through Amazon Prime or another delivery service for needed supplies like diapers, wipes and baby food — and have them sent to your rental property. That way, these essentials can be waiting for you upon arrival, and you won’t have to lug/haul them to your destination.
  • Pack painter’s tape. Since it’s easy to remove and won’t leave a mess behind, painter’s tape is great for baby-proofing your accommodations. You can use it to cover electrical outlets, secure loose wires, and seal up any drawers or other areas you’d like to keep off-limits for the baby during your getaway.
  • Consider booking accommodations with a kitchen, a washer/dryer, etc. While a standard hotel room might do the trick for a night or two, having access to a full kitchen setup is a huge plus when the baby’s mealtime and snack time roll around — and you probably already know how handy a washer and dryer can be with a baby on the scene. Here at Bay View Resort, we have many types of accommodations that will be well suited for your family that feature fully equipped kitchens or kitchenettes, as well as a number with washers and dryers right in the unit.

Upon arrival

  • Designate a spot for diaper changes. Once the diaper-changing station is selected, equip it with a changing pad on top of a towel, plus stock it up with diapers, wipes, creams, etc. With all of the needed supplies in one location, you won’t have to rummage through bags to find them when the need for a change arises.
  • Make time for naps. While it can be tempting to remain on the go all day during a getaway, it’s important for a baby to get a lot of sleep. And traveling with an infant is tiring for parents, too. That’s why many veteran parents advise younger moms and dads to go with the flow, and maybe even grab the occasional nap for themselves when the baby is sleeping. After all, a vacation is meant to be relaxing …
  • Enjoy the Splash Pad that is ideal for the toddlers to enjoy staying cool, and being safe for their age allowing them some splashing good times for kids of all ages. And our backyard beach is full of adventure for even the smallest of beach-goers — just be sure to slather everyone up with sunscreen and keep a close eye on the kiddos.

After a day of enjoying the Grand Strand’s many family-friendly attractions with your little one, head back to Bay View Resort so the little one and yourself can relax!