How to Navigate Nightlife in Myrtle Beach

Ready to party until dawn in Myrtle Beach?

Well, we know a few places you can dance the night away, at least. The Grand Strand is no stranger to late-night fun. And in warm spring weather, it’s a welcome expression of freedom from the freeze. If you have it like that where you’re coming from.

Here are places to boogie or at least stay up way past your bedtime. But first:

A little wisdom for the nightlife seeker on the Grand Strand

Okay, party people. Here’s some advice for that fun night out.

1. Pay by credit card

Cash is tough to keep up with, and easy to lose. At least credit cards have fraud protection and replacement procedures.

2. Let loose — but stay in control

It’s easy to get swept up in the moment, and you’re out there for that, right? Keep your shoes on in the club and don’t be that girl or guy (you know what we’re talking about.)

3. Pace yourself!

When it comes to drinking, energy, everything. You’ll enjoy those moments you want to get swept up in even more.

Where to go for nightlife in Myrtle Beach

Hope you’ve got your dancing shoes on …

1. The Bowery

A Grand Strand favorite for many, for many generations. It’s got history, energy, and great service. You won’t leave this place unhappy, even after the last call. The first home of country music legend Alabama still rocks it out (and the burgers are awesome, too.) Check the online calendar page for all the coming acts.

2. Mama Mia Pizzeria

If your idea of fantastic nightlife has more to do with house specials than house music, this is your spot. Get your pizza fix on until 2 a.m. You’ll find great prizes, delicious pizza and subs, and a fun vibe. Check the website for some incredible deals.

3. Pulse Ultra Club

It’s the kind of club you’ll want to visit again and again for fun every time. Enjoy friendly bartenders and staff, nice prices, and great music. Did we mention they sometimes have go-go dancers?

Live concert crowd

4. Cerro 29 Lounge

This place is amazing, and you won’t regret adding it to your night-out itinerary. The food is excellent, too, with portions perfect for sharing. This is one of those places as revered as a place to eat as it is to dance.

5. GiGi’s Bar Grill & Hookah Lounge

You’ll find a sociable setting, good music, and good drinks — all nice attributes for the hookah scene. The bartenders have charisma and talent. Ask about signature cocktails.

Drinks on the bar
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