How to plan what to bring to the beach this fall and winter

A wonderful thing about your favorite warm-weather vacation destination: It’s cool to visit when the weather is cooler, too.

As you probably heard from your mother throughout your youth, you’re going to want to dress in layers. But unless you’re coming from a tropical climate, you’re not going to need full-on snow-gear for your next Myrtle Beach getaway.

There are more important things than a full complement of mittens for every occasion when you pack for Myrtle Beach in fall and winter. In this post, we’ll inform you about things you should definitely stow away in your luggage, stuff you might not have considered. The great thing about that: For most of this list, there are places in town you can pick them up if you need to.

Beach View

What’s so great about the beach in the winter?

You have the place to yourself. (You don’t, but it feels that way.) For romantics … that’s, romantic. You can also take a run on the shore without dodging a lot of folks (beware jellyfish, though.) Watch a sunrise in relative peace, and snap beach photos of the beach (and not of a lot of other visitors in the background.)

What to bring to the beach in cooler weather

1. ) A Wetsuit

Did you know a wetsuit can give you extra flotation in the water? It’s true. If you’re a swimmer, it can reduce drag. And in cooler waters, it’ll provide extra warmth. Wetsuits trap a thin layer of water between your body and the suit, which allows your body to warm comfortably.


Girl Getting Ready to Surf

2.) A Bathing Suit

Wear the same type of suit you’d have on in the summer in Myrtle Beach, but below layers. Cotton or wool pants make a good coverup. Wear a short-sleeved shirt, plus a long-sleeved one and maybe a hoodie, too. Polyester or wool socks are great to keep you toasty until you swim.

Bathing suit and bag for the beach

3.) Sunscreen

Even though you’re not in the blazing sun in December in Myrtle Beach, UVA rays are still a concern. They have longer wavelengths than UVB rays so they penetrate the skin deeper. Reapply about every hour or two, even on cloudy, cool days, and after you swim.

Sunscreen on orange background

4.) Sand Toys

If you remember anything from your childhood, maybe it’s that cold weather does little to deter the desire to have fun. Check out the beach toys from Color Tree. It’s a 13-piece set that includes a dump truck, shovels, rakes, scoops, and more. BPA free and non-toxic.

Beach Toys

5.) Picnic Basket

A day at the beach is that much sweeter when you have your favorite food and people with you. Use a large, one-compartment basket with a wooden lid. Pick one that is lined, especially with vinyl, to protect against spills, or lay down a small towel at the bottom.

Picnic on Beach

6.) Metal Detector

Winter storms can disrupt the sand, making items easily accessible by a metal detector. You might even find something valuable. Beach sand in winter isn’t nearly as rock-solid as other earth would be for treasure hunting this time of year.

Searching on Beach

7.) A Brimmed Hat

For additional sun protection, pick a well-fitting brimmed hat for your Myrtle Beach winter trip. No one likes a sunburn at the beach, not even in the winter. The wider the brim, the more you’re protected. About 3 inches is sufficient – no need to get one the size of an umbrella.

Girl on Beach with Hat

8.) Good Shoes

You wish flip flops could be year-round footwear, but for many, it’s just too chilly. And sneakers might get cold and soggy. To enjoy a walk on the beach and even a stop to inspect sealife in a water pool, invest in a pair of water shoes. These by Barerun are awesome.

Water shoes on the beach

9.) Sunglasses

Your eyes also need protection from UV light. Sunrays are still strong, even though the sun sits lower in the sky in the winter. Sunglasses can safeguard your corneas, lenses, other parts of your eye, as well as the skin on your eyelids. Plus, you won’t have to squint as much.

Sunglasses on sandy beach in summer - vintage color styles

Ready for your winter beach getaway?

For playing in the surf, lounging close by, or building sandcastles in it, a winter beach getaway can be a lot of fun. What a great way to interrupt the cold drudgery of winter. For a couple’s getaway, a solo trip, or a jaunt with the boys (or girls), Myrtle Beach is a great destination.

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