Myrtle Beach: A Fantastic Spot for Shells and Shark Teeth

Some come to Myrtle Beach for serenity.

Others seek adventure, a great round of golf, or a plate of calabash seafood. It’s a search for love or reconnection or a new perspective. It could be a combination of these things and more. You can find a lot on the Grand Strand.

Sometimes, you want a pocket full of pretty shells and things.

Myrtle Beach is a haven for treasures of the sea. You need only take a few steps onto the vast expanses of beach here, take a look around, and pluck gems from the sand. You might even get lucky enough to find a conch shell or sand dollar.

Tips for Shell and Shark Teeth Hunting in Myrtle Beach

Roll with the tides

Some shell hunters swear by high tide. Others insist low tide is perfect for finding shells. Either way, it seems the tide on the move is the key here. Check the tides online, and plan for one of the extremes. The waves will push or pull the gems out for you to find.

Hit the bountiful spots

Central Myrtle Beach is the prime place to find sharks’ teeth, according to some experts. Look between 50th Avenue North down to 10th Avenue South. It’ll take some patience, but you should be able to manage a nice haul in this area.

Dig a little

For next-level hunting, upgrade your tools, and sift through the sand. A kitchen sieve or kitty-litter scoop works well for bigger teeth and shells. Scooping a spoonful of sentiment from beneath the beach surface can unveil treasures.

Sea shells on the beach

Mind the moon and stalk the storms

The full moon and big storms beckon stronger waves. Stronger waves can carry more — and bigger — shells and sharks’ teeth to the shore. The moon’s gravity pulls the ocean toward it, which causes a high tide on the side of the earth closest to the moon.

Develop your technique

Some hunters have an eye for beautiful shells and awesome sharks’ teeth. Walk with the sun behind you, right along the shoreline. Shells and sharks’ teeth often glimmer in the light. Look for spots of dark-colored sand with fine shell fragments for the tiniest gems. They’re there!

Shark Tooth
Bay View Lazy River

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