Myrtle Beach’s Newest Family Addition: Funplex

Bring your cast of family characters to the newest diversion on the Grand Strand: Funplex.

It’s great for your children, your grandkids, and youngsters of all ages. Family and thrill rides, games, and food are fun for everyone. Funplex, an amusement park in Myrtle Beach, is a visit to last a whole day. 

Funplex is affordable enough to warrant a second or third day on your visit.

There is also week passes available to create even more fun. Off The Coast Bar & Grille has fresh meals to enjoy. Relax with beer, corndogs, wings, sandwiches, and more. You can visit Funplex all week long.

Do you need reservations?

Yes. Entrance to the park is free. Visitors buy credits or wristbands to get on rides, in advance, on the Prices & Passes page. A reservation will ensure your spot. Because the park is free to enter, you can leave and return. 

Also, there is a deal for residents! Use promo code LOCALS22 at checkout. You’ll have to show a valid ID when you arrive.

What if I don’t have a reservation?

The Funplex team will do its best to accommodate you without one, but there’s no guarantee of space. Guests must show proof of ID and the credit card used to buy the passes upon arrival. Visitors cannot transfer reservations.

Who needs a wristband?

Guests 47 inches and taller need them. Smaller kids can use credits to ride smaller rides. Here are weight limitations for specific rides:

  • Happy Swing: 110 pounds
  • Hang 10 Cups: 185 pounds
  • Mach Fun, Up & Overboard, Fun in the Sun: 250 pounds
FUNPLEX entrance

Meet the attractions

There’s such appeal in the choices. And it’ll take all day to enjoy it all. Here’s a brief rundown of features you’ll find at Funplex.

    • CARNIVAL GAMES: For pure enjoyment, how can you beat carnival games? Better yet: Every game has a winner.
    • FUN IN THE SUN: Which car is the most thrilling? Only riders of each can judge that. Each on this coaster has a different experience.
    • HANG 10 SILLY CUPS: Wander over to this classic ride with a surfer’s twist. Catch a wave while you spin.
    • HOOK & SLICE: Man, this is a fun one. You’ll create lots of hook and plenty of slice as you wind, whirl, and catch air like an errant tee shot.
  • MACH FUN: What a rare discovery. This high-flying couple ride is the tallest interactive one of its kind in North America.
    • SKY VELOCITY: This ride represents the stark contrast between serenity and insanity. Beware the death-defying descent back to ground level after a spectacular view.
  • SUNNY DAY SWING: Kids can take to the sky like they mean it. Round the beachball, you go. Little ones can ride alone.
  • UP & OVERBOARD: Enjoy the ecstasy of a high-flying, swinging, gravity-inducing adventure. Never a dull moment.
Bay View Oceanfront room

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Bay View Lazy River