Top Five Water Sports to Try in Myrtle Beach

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If a relaxing vacation sounds like a bore to you, how about trying some of these local water sports. We will tell you where, when and how to get started!

Parasailing is a popular beach activity. This sport combines the thrills of acceleration with scenic views of the Strand. There are several locations operating on the Grand Strand. You can parasail in groups of two or three and no training or skill is required. The boat captain and crew will take care of all of the safety details. If you are afraid of heights parasailing probably isn’t for you, but if you love adventure and beautiful ocean views give it a try! Ocean Watersports even offers deals before Memorial Day. Prices vary company to company but it’s an average of $50 for a single ride and a discount based on additional people.

Banana Boat Rides
Banana Boat rides are perfect for the thrill seekers who don’t like heights. You may have seen the giant banana shaped boats racing across the waterline being pulled by a jet-ski. It may look like a fun ride, but be prepared—it’s a workout! Rides vary based on passengers but the captain will pull the boat through currents and waves to create a rocky and fun ride. Don’t be embarrassed if you fall off at some point, it happens to most people and everyone will help pull you back on. Ocean Watersports offers both parasailing and banana boat rides. Average cost is $14 and you can ride in groups of 6 or less.

Love the ocean and dream of learning to surf? Several Myrtle Beach surf shops and local surfers are available to give you lessons or you can go it alone. If you’re looking to learn contact Jacks Surf Lessons and Board Rentals. He also offers camps if you’re looking to entertain the kids. If you want to rent a board and get started try Surf City Surf Shop or Eternal Surf Shop. Popular board choices are long boards or fun shaped boards for smaller waves. Surfing is allowed in designated surfing areas only between the hours of 9am-5pm. After those hours the water is open for all, but boards must be leashed. Click here to find areas to surf and swell reports.

Paddle Boarding
Paddle Boarding is the newest trend in water sports. This is a longer surfboard style board that doesn’t require quite as much skill or balance as surfing. You can cruise around the waterway, inlet or ocean (in designated areas). Paddle Board rental prices vary from $25 per hour-$85 per day. It’s a fun way and active way to explore inlet areas. To rent a board: Express Watersports

Jetski & Boating
Boat and Jetski rentals are available in many locations around the Grand Strand. Pontoon and Jetski rentals are popular but there are also rentals for fishing and charters. For this sport you must be 18+ to rent the watercrafts and a deposit is required for all rentals. Prices vary company to company. Most places offer rentals by the hour or for boats by half or full days. For Intracoastal boating there are several marinas of restaurants and bar hops. Bird Island is also a popular destination if you are on the North end of the Grand Strand.

(posted 2/26/14)