Top Things to Do on the Boardwalk to Make Your Teenager Happy

Don’t look now, but it seems as if your teen is having a great time with you in Myrtle Beach.

Stay calm. This tends to happen to all ages on the Grand Strand, even with goofy parents present. We’ve found that the Boardwalk has lots of spots your impressionable kids find fun.

And when you see them posting pics to Instagram or sharing the experience on TikTok, you know you’ve done it right. The Boardwalk is timeless in itself, after all. Teens have visited here with their parents for generations. And, like you, they’ll want to bring their kids back someday, too.

Tips for Traveling With Teens

Teenagers are people too. They listen to funny music and use unusual words, that’s all! Here’s how to have a fun time on vacation with them.


Get some input on what they’d like to do. Chances are they’ve already checked reviews and operating hours, and have an opinion.


Rather than a history lesson, how about guidance on what and how to pack? Teach by example. Budgeting fun money and being aware of your surroundings at all times, for example.


There should be time on your trip for things you enjoy, such as an oceanfront dinner. But think about things your kids like too, and be sure to include them. You’ll likely have fun perusing the candy shop, too.

Things to Do on the Boardwalk Your Teens and Tweens Will Enjoy

Take a spin on SkyWheel

This 187-foot-tall observation wheel is in so many iconic photos of Myrtle Beach! And it’s a great place to take photos, too. Day or night, you’ll see the Grand Strand like you never have before, and it’s great to share that with the kids. It’s also gorgeous from any vantage point at night, when they light the lights on it.

Our suggestion

Teens would rather sleep in. But we’re betting a dawn ride on SkyWheel would appeal to them. It’s a new offering!

Grab a snack at E-Z Eats

This classic food stand is a 3-minute walk from SkyWheel. Share favorites without busting your budget. Stop in to eat or take it on the boardwalk. The combos are indulgent and the desserts are always unforgettable.

Our suggestion

Drop by at least for a snack (hot French fries) or dessert. You can’t go wrong with funnel cake, but the candy apple is strong, too.

Skywheel Myrtle Beach

Get lost in Gay Dolphin Gift Cove

It’s easy to actually get lost in this historic, multi-leveled everything store. If it takes you a while, that’s understandable: You’re shopping in a place with more than 70,000 gift items. It’s tough to leave empty-handed anyway, and prices are good. From cheesy to sentimental, it’s all here.

Our suggestion

Take them to the arcade! If they’ve been schooling you on video games, get your revenge in air hockey.

Let them check out Ground Zero

This church-centered place has been a favorite of teens for years, a place to grow in faith among peers. Middle and high school-age kids can enjoy coffee, games, and fellowship on vacation.

Our suggestion

Read up on Ground Zero online before you leave for vacation. Check out the events calendar to see if something strikes a chord with your teen.

basketball hoops in an arcade

Hit Mad Myrtle’s Ice Creamery for a sweet treat

Show the kids how they did it back in YOUR day, with milkshakes and funnel cakes in a vintage setting. (Actually, it was more like your parents’ day, but it’s all the same to them!) The flavor selection is vast, and the shakes are “extra” as the kids might say. (Or not say.)

Our suggestion

Follow and like Mad Myrtle’s on social media for a discount. Also, get something — anything — with rainbow sherbet!

Bay View Lazy River

Bring Them to Bay View Resort for a Getaway

From the friendly front desk to the beautiful view from the room, you’ll enjoy your stay at Bay View. With indoor pools, easy beach access, and lots to do close by, it’s perfect for quality family time. Check out the area events calendar, and plan your getaway today.

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