Visit These Myrtle Beach Joints for Fall Beer, Cocktails, and Coffee

The exchange from summer to fall flows with the right drinks.


Coffee, beer, and cocktails also change seasons, and you can find an awesome array in Myrtle Beach. Pumpkin spice everything dominates social media feeds. But many other flavors usher in cooler days. The results are delicious.


Here are some to look for this fall on the Grand Strand.

Fun Facts About Fall

It might feel as if autumn has kidnapped your summer fun as the days grow shorter. But there’s plenty of cool about fall, too.


Only Americans call it fall. It once was called harvest, and it began much later back in the 1300s. Poets wrote of “the fall of leaves, ” which led to the nickname fall.


The start dates vary. From Earth’s orbit of the sun, the equinox happens on Sept. 23 or 24. The start date is set as Sept. 1 for meteorology.


It’s famous for its food. This is prime season for apples, pears, squash, and sweet potatoes. What’s better than picking a fresh apple on a fall day and enjoying it right then?

fall leaves

Fall Back to These Awesome Autumn Beers, Cocktails, and Coffees

The margin of greatness between these drinks is razor thin. This list of favorites is just the start.


“As long as there’s coffee in the world, how bad could things be?” — Cassandra Clare


Pumpkin Spice Latte

This is NOT the year Starbucks will reverse any trends. For the 19th straight year, Pumpkin Spice Latte headlines the fall lineup.


Why we love it: The beloved espresso with steamed milk blends cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. It’s the biggest hit on Instagram since Jennifer Anniston posted anything.


Where to get it: Starbucks, right on-site at Bay View Resort. Your favorite coffee shop, free Wi-Fi, the sounds of the ocean … what could be better?


“He is a wise man who invented beer.” — Plato


Nut Brown Ale

The end of summer means the beginning of new flavors. This one will make you forget all about warm weather. Almost.


Why we love it: It’s easy drinking. The roasty notes beckon changing leaves and sweater weather (even on the Grand Strand.) The English hops are a delicious bonus.


Where to get it: New South Brewing. It’s one of the area’s first breweries and is still one of the best. It’s a local hangout you’ll come to love.


“No amount of physical contact could match the healing powers of a well-made cocktail.” — David Sedaris


The Weekender

How can you argue with a drink named for what you are? Smaller crowds, easier pace, and a great cocktail. Now that’s how to autumn.


Why we love it: It just tastes cozy. The Prosecco and Chambord create a delightful contrast. Rhubarb bitters are milder than most, and with fresh thyme, you have deep flavor with a light touch.


Where to get it: Strong Waters Craft Cocktails and Kitchen. Come at mealtime and experience the magic that is their double cheeseburger, too.

beach dunes

Make a Fall Run for the Beach and Bay View Resort

They fit hand in glove: coastal fun and Bay View Resort. Everything is great here, from the spacious rooms to the ocean views, and amenities. It’s a place you’ll love to stay.

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