Your Comprehensive Handbook to Grand Strand Fishing Piers

Fishing on the pier can prove to be a great way to spend a day in Myrtle Beach. And there are a few to choose from in the area. Although they jut out into the same body of water, there are some differences to know about.


We’ll introduce you to the ones most visitors like to fish.


Pack your gear and a sandwich and don’t forget your hat. Bring sunscreen, your camera, and a good dose of patience. You’re in for a nice day.

Tips for Fishing From the Pier

Hey there, angler. Are you absent a boat? You’re in luck. A pier is near. Here’s some advice on how to fish from one.

  1. Do your homework

You don’t need a license to fish from a Myrtle Beach pier. Some charge an entrance fee. Look online for details and hours.

  1. Get the bait

Specifics vary, but usually include:

  • Anchovies
  • Bloodworms
  • Sardines
  • Shrimp
  • Squid

Get those at the bait shop, and many piers have one right there.

  1. Pick the right time

That’s usually early morning or sundown. Moving tides bring in baitfish, which attracts the big, hungry lunkers you’re after.

Your Guide to Pier Fishing on the Grand Strand

Some call them rumors, others refer to them as fishing reports. Either way, asking around when you get to Myrtle Beach will get you some knowledge.

Myrtle Beach State Park Pier

Howard Rodman once said, “Piers are good places for pondering the eternal enigmas of the universe.” This one is such a place, a balance of serenity and incredible fishing action. You’ll find rulers all around, as well as photos of the fish you can catch there.





PRO TIP: Leave fresh fish bait sitting on the bottom of the water.

Springmaid Pier

It’s fishing fun on a grand scale on one of the area’s more popular piers. There’s a tackle shop on site, so pick up an all-day pass at a good price. You’ll appreciate all the washing stations in this sometimes busy fishing spot.

(843) 315-7156




PRO TIP: Come for one of several fishing tournaments held here each year.

2nd Avenue Pier

Anglers are grateful for the beauty of the 2nd Avenue Pier, as well as fishing quality. There’s plenty of room for you, and lots of Spanish Mackarel and beltfish in the waters. And it has elevator access.

(843) 445-7437





PRO TIP: Use hook sizes 4 to 2/0, based on the size of your bait.

14th Avenue Pier

This pier had plenty of character, having stood here since 1926. This historic landmark has survived many direct hits from hurricanes. It’s the ideal place for family fishing, with a tackle shop, gift store, and an acclaimed restaurant.





PRO TIP: If the water is choppy, you’ll need 6-7 ounce weights on your line. If the ocean is calm, 1-2 ounces will keep you steady in the strike zone.

14th Ave Pier Drone (5)

Apache Pier

A good day includes renting a pole and trying your luck. Generations have come to cast a line off Apache Pier, many visitors several times a year. You’ll find friendly folks and a convenient restroom toward the end.





PRO TIP: This area is great for sheepshead. Bait with mussel barnacles around the pilings for best results, high or low tide.

Bay View Oceanfront Room

Follow the Road Map to Bay View Resort

Whether you’re in town for pier fishing, seafood, or a trip to the aquarium, be sure Bay View is in your plans, too. For a solo escape or family getaway,  you’ll find all you need here. Hospitable staff and clean, comfortable rooms await.

Make it to happy hour at these great places while you’re here, and check the weather for your beach plans. Then choose your room and dates, and book your stay today.

Bay View Indoor Pool